For a long time, I went by the adage… the bigger the base, the higher in space! Also noticed that breakouts of huge bases often reached their implied measured moves wayyy faster than it took to create that base, but not always.

That still left me vulnerable in the emotion management aspect. What happens if the pullback is more sever.. or there are prolonged hiccups along the way? Would I panic sell on … forgetting my original trading plan? Only to see the original plan still work out and eventually have that target reached!!! Arhhh.. the pain! This has happened to me MANY times…sigh

So here is a tool I’m adding to my trading framework… using angle’s of ascent (or descent) to add a “time to reach” target. Now I have my (possible) implied measured move AND (possible) time to reach it..  My thesis is, if your brain now has “expected” values to these metrics.. then you’ll have a more solid base to resist daily/weekly fluctuations.. which will help you stick to your original plan!

Let me know what you think!