Hers is some work I started doing in April (last low before current bull run), exploring different interpretations of the COT data… and how it can add some more edge in our risk to reward analysis.

Should complement the excellent work done already by Jordan I found here => https://goldtadise.com/?p=448585#comment-58965

I think the key is to clear your mind of pre conceived notions and biases.. and just observe with a clear brain (soooo hard…) and see if new patterns become visible.

Concerning players reported in COT data.. I’ve noticed they behave differently depending on the underlying commodity.. whether it be gold, oil, or corn! So.. there is no “magic” algorithm that can be crossed applied… or maybe there is.. 😉

Anyways.. check out this 15 min demonstration giving light on my thinking process… as I try to verbalize what I see…