Howdy all,

I am in Vancouver attending the week long event.  If folks have never been I would highly recommend attending as you can get up close and personal with Sprott ie. Rick Rule, Peter Grosskopf and all their great folks, CEO’s of mining companies etc.  I had a good conversation with Nolan Watson of Sandstorm today, very smart fellow.  I took a cruise around the harbor and spoke with Keith Neumeyer, who is also incredibly nice and from the area.  He took the time to talk about Vancouver and also the challenges and joys of mining in Mexico.  He did a luncheon  today and the new technologies Keith puts in place are very impressive. Later today I saw a panel consisting of Jim Rickards, Nomi Prins and Grant Williams.  The crowd here is definitely not feverish but they are not asleep anymore either, still a slumber I’d say.  The theme seems to be that the bull is back on the scene again.

I have not had a chance to introduce myself properly but I have been stalking for many years and recently started replying to posts.  I was in educational technology sales for twenty years and a gold/silver bug going back to 2003.  Turns out that was a pretty good time to start stacking and educating myself.  I recently switched careers and am working for  We just went live in the United States on Monday.   We did interviews on all the financial networks and are still having a grand reception.  I do not wish to become an advertisement and prefer to keep the integrity of this board.  However, if anybody has questions I will gladly pass my email along to you.

All the best,

A. Maximus 🙂