Look at the article at www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/will-history-repeat-itself-gold-market

You can read it or not (I skimmed w/o paying much attention). Look at it for the 1st chart. Expand it the chart.

Keep in mind a concept that I have, which is that the concepts “bull market” and “bear market” are a bit of hot air. They are somewhat arbitrary and depend on things like time scale, when you choose to start and end, what you decide to choose for magnitude of gain and loss and how much up and down there can be in between before you decide that a bull/bear is over.  I use a time scale of years.

Nevertheless I’d like to repeat a comment I made perhaps a couple of months ago. Someone made fun of it, pleasantly and politely, but I think I have yet to be proved wrong. I wrote very approximately something to the effect that that my home-made TA indicated in 1998 that the gold bull market had begun, that it was about 2 years too early but it wasn’t a bad time to have started buying with all I could, and that my TA screamed bull around 2000, and that I believe I was right, and that the bull is still in effect. I wrote that if one wants to use a shorter time scale we are in a bull market that began in 2016. Although I always try to note that anything can happen, I believe I have tended to scoff at as malarky talk since 2016 about bear market in Au unless one trades on short term. However many people here may be shorter term traders, in which case they may have been justified to use the term “bear market”.

But just look at the chart, which has no fabulous paid.  Don’t think of the gurus and Experts who make you worry that you just have to do this or that. Just look at the chart.

And as just about always I issue the disclaimer that nothing surprises me. Gold below 700? No surprise. Gold to <0 (efficient and thoroughly effective severe punitive confiscation)? Does Giant Meteor destroy all life tomorrow?  I can’t predict things with certainty. I just know that I have been doing my best to follow individual companies’ charts and have tried to hold the ones with the best fundamentals and best charts, not always competently and things haven’t been too bad.