JC Collins is quite a unique analyst.

I know you have been following him for many years

Back in bout 2012 2013 you were an early member of Rambus Chartology and Rambus Forum

Around that time I was contacted privately by an interesting fellow who became know as Deep Voice .

We gave him a voice at the Forum . You and Plunger and Spock and I eventually spoke with him on the phone,

His message was very compelling ….Very soon the Reset of the Financial System was to be announced and overnight everything would change

The Forum was all abuzz but alas this didn’t happen and Deep Voice Disappeared.

Meanwhile a member found JC Collins site and shared it with us. He was writing similar ideas regarding the eventual reset.

YOU are the only the I know of who has embraced the Philosophy of Metrics work .

I have not joined the site but always read your links with interest.

This one has made me rethink my skepticism of Crypto Currencies.

I also thank Dangermouse for keeping me honest and trying to open my closed mind towards Crypto

He has been harping on Ripple and I have been very dubious about that too.

Time to get serious about all this folks .

I strongly urge all Goldtent readers to get a subscription to Surf City cycles.

Surf has been working to identify the pulse of Bitcoin and has been very successful lately.

GBTC has been his trading avenue but he is about to add other cryptos to his watch.

Apart from being a superb Cycles Analyst Surf is a serious student of Macro Economics and a very valued member of the Goldtent Community.

This is a unique service and will be very valuable to those trading these things.

I plan to do so going forward with Surfs expert cycles guidance.