We did it Bob….this Bud’s for you

Legalize it . Don’t Critisize it

I have been smoking weed for 50 years and I am healthy as a Donkey.

Its a miracle drug. THC and CBD. Good for the body mind and spirit.

Never ever thought I’d see the day !

This is a huge victory for common sense over tyranny.

How ridiculous has it been to make a plant illegal to grow and consume.

The WRONG plant at that.

Tobacco ? That’s the real killer weed

Distilled Grapes and Barley ? Addicting and devastating for so many.

Refined Poppy Plants ( Opioids) ..Killing millions world wide …legally

Marijuana ?…that’s the one they chose to put people in jail for ?


Congratulations Canada …Happy Cannabis Day.

One more thing Everybody up here is buying Pot Stocks…its incredible…everybody !

Mass hysteria…this won’t end well but it looks like they will still have legs for a while.

I have a TV in the dental operatories and everyone is watching the business channel ticker to see how their pot stocks are doing….little old ladies….teenagers…most of them never heard of an ETF…I tell em Buy HMMJ !


PS …remember kids …don’t smoke and drive