We have many Well presented Pro Uranium Ideas in this community.

Spock is pro U
Plunger is Pro U
Jordan is Pro U
as are others .

There is just something addicting about learning about and buying the Companies that are searching for / extracting these clumps of dirt in the hope of selling their dirt for higher prices.

Well as documented the U Miners are Dirt Cheap. 90% off their previous highs…with only a handful left and ALL losing money at todays prices

Contrast this with Gold Explorers/ Miners which have also dropped 90% even with a Price of their product well above the cost of production.

Anyhow…that’s the “dirty” and Lowdown on these stinky miners

AND the mentality here is always …they are getting ready to hit Rock Bottom and will mostly become 100 Baggers over the next decade or less.

That’s why many goldbugs hold their 90% losses ….they ain’t worth selling and they are perpetual lottery tickets for the infinitely patient .

Uranimaniacs are one and the same. This tiny sector will one day become radioactive again and there will be 1000 baggers !

But when ?

Call me Grinch but I don’t see a real sign of a breakout yet.

Maybe buying here is a great idea but having been too early too often in these god forsaken dirt scrapers I am feeling like waiting and missing the first 20% or so instead of sitting for years in these wretched things

URA ( Uranium RTF) https://www.globalxfunds.com/funds/ura/

Note this is NOT a miner only etf…it covers the whole U Spectrum…but shouldn’t it be going strong is Uranium is getting hot ?

Looks like mind numbing drifting here

Yikes…what a history this chart has…bad timing they started this ETF at THE Top !

Where does it say we need to go UP Now ?

If you see a certain bottom here maybe you have a U head upa Uranus



Here is WHY so many get freaked out about NOT being in Uranium Miners

Energy Fuels

In 2006 it went from about $3.50 to $275 in 1 year 2006 ! Incredible move

Then in 2011 it had a very nice bounce from $6.50 to $79.50 in 6 months.

Other than those two shock waves its been DEAD.

Presently testing Very strong resistance from below.

What do U think …it is going nucking futz right here and now ?

If U buy these things here there doesn’t seem to be a lot of downside …but you may have dead money for a lot of years.