On what Planet are these Bullish ?

If you are a trader do you just ignore these and hold commodity related positions ?

This is an individual thing.

My sense is most here do not like to hold and see their hard earned gains disappear in favour of a long term potential .

To each his own…but I see no confirmed bottom yet

CRB Daily…. is this not a concern for short term traders ?

CRB Weekly

….Cripes it is still BELOW the 2008 Crash Low and still in a Bear Flag….It needs to break 195 and then 200….then its a bull
…Calling this a bull is premature IMO…I will be the first to go nuckin futz when the CRB breaks 200….still a very very low level historically…and plenty of time to go all in.

CRB Monthly

Cycles ?

This is a pretty Sickly Baby Bull compared to the last 2 Cycle bottoms…More like stillborn

I would love to be buying commodity related stocks and holding for 10 years…show me a 200 CRB and I’m all in

OK maybe the RJI ( balanced commodity index is looking better )