Don Wolanchuk is a widely known and honored market timer.
For eight years, he’s been snorting “Epicenter of Wave Three” to widespread ridicule.
Breeze also posts at Silicon Investor, and appears to collaborate with Don.
I missed this chart on Breeze’s site, but spotted it today at Pretzel’s.

Its provocative, to say the least.
I wish it would be in log form, which makes more sense over the VLT.
For non EWers, this outlines the basics of impulses (1-5), corrections (ABC) and fractals (multiple degrees).

GSC = grand super cycle; SC = supercycle

Directly it says that we are in SC III of GSC III, and this thing still has a long way to go (2032 per Armstrong?)

Indirectly, I think this is saying Dow 100,000 is just a matter of time and the Maduroization of the dollar given $200T in unfunded liabilities.

Would welcome critiques from anyone with EW expertise.