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“I apologize in advance for the long winded rambling.

I’ve been fortunate to have done many things over the years mostly as a result of not being afraid of chasing dreams or sticking my neck out regardless of who’s dream it was or how crazy it may have seemed. As a result, my list of failures and witnesses to prove it is far from being short. Luckly, the winners have out numbered the loosers.

Thanks to a friend, I learned of Spock and immediately subscribed within minutes of first viewing his site back in April 2016. In fact, I was so appreciative of the lead, I purchased a Spock subscription for my friend the very same day as a way to say thank you. I then joined the Tent shortly after followed by the purchased of a Stockcharts subscription Dec 5-2016. My new desire to begin learning was a direct result of the incredible inspiration I got from Spock and ALL the contributors here on the Tent. I had just gone through a painful separation and this community became one of my new outlets.

Hope for a good out come was the first thought that came to mind after reading this post. I very rarely engage into a matter of debate unless it is my own. In this situation where is open for public view, I feel the need to express some thoughts simply because I care. I have a history of good intentions that seem to back firing more times than not.

For anyone who knows the history of the Eagles, there were times of conflict between band members. Many times it wasn’t the disagreement but rather the approach in the way things were conveyed that ended up becoming the bigger matter. One of the most significant periods, was shortly after Timothy B Schmit’s joined the band in 1994. Unfortunately for Tim, the excitement of being new to the group was quenched shortly after joining by the reality of a possible band/member separation. I share this story as a way to convey the heavy feelings I get during times of uneasiness as we currently experienced among my mentors. Yes, you guys are among my mentors. Its discomforting from the standpoint of how much we as a group stand to loose or possible be set back. I dont know the perfect answer or the best way to go about handling situations like this but I do believe there is a lot at stake with this incredible group of determination. For the first time in my 47 years, I truly believe I have found my element. I have found something I wasn’t even looking for and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the many who are willing to share. Since I started charting, I set up 8 24? monitors along with a 32? flat screen on wall. I have 150 to 200 open charts tabs on a daily basis that I monitor. Most of the charts are recreations of the excellent work posted by other members. For a guy with an 8th grade education followed by the school of hard knocks, this experience and opportunity to learn has become priceless to me. There is not a university on the planet that can teach what Im learning here. Fully, Ive said before and I will say it again. “Im surprised that the service this site offers is free of charge”. Hats off to you!! I very much appreciate all your efforts that goes on behind the curtain to make this service avail to me!

I still carry a flip phone. I prefer avoiding long drawn out text messages that can often be misunderstood due to the lack of a tone of voice etc. Just like with reading a text, I sometimes struggle to get a feel with comments that are posted by other members. Point being, its hard to tell at times and easy to take wrong. One of my biggest failures in life has been my need but primarily my approach in the way I tried to hold someone accountable. Fueled by the difference of perception, stings would snap and things would spiral out of control. If there is one thing I have learned from being a now single parent of a 5 year little girl it this, (Kids/people in general wont care about what you know or think until they know that you care). The bottom line is I care about what we have here and hope that means something because It does to me.

My parents separated when I was in my mid 20’s. It was a tough time. One parent was about having my brothers and I choose sides while the other was struggling for neutralness. Not a fun situation to be a part of. The variation of perspectives and opposing views is just one of the many things that gives this place the fuel to obtain the upper hand it offers. As Plunger said, the competition is between us and the market. I have learned a great deal from both Graddhy and Fully and consider their teachings to be among some of my best. In fact, Graddhy’s late 2016 uranium call positioned me to regenerate nearly all of the loss I had from the miners fall that took place from August thru Dec. That one call along earned me over 200K from a guy with a stage thats positioned somewhere around this big spinning ball of rock we live on. Thanks again Graddhy!

I very much like and respect both of your guys, I hope things can move forward in a way that doesn’t take away from the goodness this place continues to offer.

Thanks to everyone for making this place not replaceable!

PS, I had the pleasure of meeting, having lunch and spending some time with Fully during the last PDAC show in Toronto. In fact, it was one of the highlights of my trip. Graddhy doesn’t know this, but I plan on meeting him someday on my way to see Spock. That is, if they will allow me:-)”