Back in the day circa 2005 to 2011 at the original Goldbug bastion Goldtent Poster’s Paradise. There was a raging , heated debate regarding Inflation vs Deflation. 90% were on the INflation side and 10% on the Deflation side.

We had a number of Aussie Posters back then and most of them were in the Deflation Camp. I was a staunch Hyperinflation guy. Looking back …the debate centered around will Greenspan and the Central Bankers be able to inflate away the Huge pending Credit Collapse…or will they fail in spite of helicopter money.

That was it in a nutshell. Well 2008 came and went and 2011 came and went and the debate still rages on.

Presently Our community of TA analysts …which is a much more civil and balanced community I would say…has proponents for both Flations

We have a Strong Contingent in Spock Graddhy Norvast and others who feel we have just begun a new INflation Cycle

We have a Strong Group lead by Plunger and Rambus …who see on Balance ….Deflation.

Plunger feels we are entering the Post Credit Bubble Contraction Phase originally postulated by Von Mises and the Austrian Economists.

The Inflationists are putting their faith in the power of the CBs and the Power of Trumponomics.

Personally I feel the most important thing here is to be open to either possibility….and not put all your eggs in one basket…..until the picture becomes more clear ( does it ever ?)

Anyhow lets keep this civil…back in the day it got ugly..with personal attacks and hard feelings.

There is even a chart which tracks Flation “Expectations

Of course Germain to all this is the fate of the US Dollar.

This is THE chart I am watching ..Rambus members have a front row seat.

Let the debate resume :

INflation or DEflation or even STAGflation ? And will it be HYPER or just run of the mill.