Thanks for the name Sir Fully, I like it. Here is the current chart:

and the reference chart:

As you can see it is following along quite nicely. We are currently at point ‘S’ on both charts. I sold my JDST today after taking a position on April 21 for a very tidy profit based on these charts. As you can see if you look at the reference chart, we are due for a few weeks of correction (Sep to Oct in the reference chart), but it will not go up very far. By the end of May or early June the pattern says we will drop very quickly again and be testing the December lows on GDX. Hope everyone is ready for that.

Here is the full ‘Fractal of Doom’ in all its glory. If/when we make it to the bottom in a few years time GDX will be 8 or less.

So there it is. Pretty easy to be a successful investor with a roadmap this clear.