I posted the first of this May 28th of last year. Time to show the charts again. Had some direct hits and had some hard back tests but on track so far with my original educated guess…

We’re obviously at a crossroads for everything. I do not believe, as my first three charts show, that the gold miners have broken up. I believe the GDX and XAU have an upward sloping parabolic top rail and that they’re just backtesting the H&S breakdown. This parabolic top rail does not work for GDXJ. It has broken up but is also backtesting nice and cleanly the Head and Shoulders breakdown. I believe the miners will now fall.

This could change quickly but it’s what I believe.

Most of the charts below I haven’t changed at all, and I’m just reposting them as they are since my original post. Some of the charts have been added though.

I’ve added a linear Gold and Silver chart showing possible massive Head and Shoulder patterns. I’ve added a copper and silver monthly which also backtest nice and clean the long term breakdown.

I’m buying the “America Great Again” Kool Aid. I believe the stock markets will rock. I believe the dollar will rock. I believe gold and silver will go down majorly. I believe after Trump is inaugurated you’ll see these things resume.

I’m just really not sure how oil and copper go down in this environment though but deep in my gut I think they will. Don’t know why. Doesn’t make sense if the U.S. is going to rock so this may be wrong. Do have to watch oil. It’s slightly above the major breakdown line and may go up with the markets. Also Sir Rambus is showing how the oil stocks have broken up on good volume.

Keep this in mind: This may all be wrong! Do your own due diligence. I don’t want to be blamed. I’m “educated I suppose” guessing. That’s it.

My 3rd child and second boy is due early March. I’ve already disappeared but came out from under my rock for this but you’ll probably never hear from me again after baby #3! lol. These kids are time consuming and my wife!? I never hear the end of it when I’m charting…

Hope you get something out of these charts. Good luck to you all!