Jan 6 2017 Update

Slow and Sure ! The Tortoise always wins.

Personally I love to “gamble” on the Precious metals markets with a certain portion of
my portfolio BUT I have finally come to realize one needs to balance this addiction with
sound safe performance .

The Global Matrix fills this bill. I have been fortunate to watch Spock develop this trading matrix over the last 2 years. I have been watching it tick in the background now for many months. Sometimes there is not much movement
and of course it is far less volatile and exciting than trading PMs , but net net winners exceed the losers and the portfolio shows steady predictable growth.

Lets not forget All the Other Markets out there.
They are ALL Here in one Place.


For me THIS is as Sure a way to make money in the markets as there ever will be.
With no stress and no need to personally analyse and watch all the time .

Watch this portfolio grow .
Up 22% already in less than 6 months. Sure beats the hell out of CDs and Dividends.

The Spock Global Matrix is in Public / Beta Test Mode for now and yes it will become a Pay per View
Website at some point.

One thing for sure the price will be incredibly reasonable compared to the cost of Portfolio Manager.
Manage your own portfolio for One Flat Yearly Price .
Follow the Protocol and your winners will run while your losers will be cut early.
This is like having a Personal Chauffeur to drive you to your Financial Destination.

For those of us addicted to the PM markets , this is a way to temper this habit with a sound safe
predictable investment strategy.

Read the “Trade Strategy and Performance” on the bottom of the Matrix.
Read the Rationale and Protocol on the Sidebar . See if this appeals to you.

I don’t want to come across as a pitchman here so please watch the Matrix daily at the Tent and make your own decision. For me its an idea who’s time has come.