This rather obscure ETF is a much more non Euro Centric and therefore balanced Dollar Index

It was uncovered by Rambus

I don’t see a reference to it anywhere else on the Net

Here is the composition.

It includes a greater number of currencies including Commodity Currencies

1. Eurozone EUR Europe, Middle East & Africa 31.71%
2. Japan JPY Asia 18.67%
3. Canada CAD Canada 11.52%
4. Mexico MXN Latin America 10.05%
5. United Kingdom GBP Europe, Middle East & Africa 9.19%
6. Australia AUD Asia 6.07%
7. Switzerland CHF Europe, Middle East & Africa 4.34%
8. South Korea KRW Asia 3.43%
9. China CNH Asia 2.97%
10. Brazil BRL Latin America 2.06%

Asia: 31.13%
Canada: 11.52%
Europe, Middle East & Africa: 45.24%
Latin America: 12.11%

I don’t like the $USD which is the Index everybody uses for tracking Dollar strength/weakness as it is 57% Euro based 13% Yen based …and basically that’s it (small % of some others)

Anyhow here is what this Dollar Index is Showing based on Rambus’s analysis


You can follow the progress of this chart here