Is the 7 Year Cycle Low behind us on the SPX? Here is some more chart eye candy so that you can form your own opinion. I have a bias and I admit it but I am also open to being wrong. If price can move above and stay above my current 7 Year down trend down trend line out of the May 2015 top, I will buy into the Bull story that Martin Armstrong and other Guru’s are selling.

Me thinks that until that Red line is broken convincingly, however, we have the potential for a False Breakout and the Trend is still Down.

At best, the Jury is still out. 😉

Screenshot 2016-05-13 22.19.56 Screenshot 2016-05-13 22.36.30

Added: A related link and a close up of a Fractal that I’m watching on the SPX. Also added a second chart I found over on the Bull & Bear Forum posted by MrMiyagi.

Screenshot 2016-05-14 04.57.08 Screenshot 2016-05-14 05.22.03

Added: Potential Dow Fractal in play?

Screenshot 2016-05-14 10.09.24