The Phase III I have described and have held out for the past 2 years is now finally upon us.  In fact we have arrived to the annihilation zone.  The most destructive point.  The bear will now run rampant through the refuge of what remains of the bloated balance sheets of the PM stocks.  For those of us with our nerves still intact and cash at the ready fortunes can now be made buy buying quality companies at below known values.

Once we get done with this bear my next task will be to try to lay out the phases of the upcoming bull.  That’s going to be hard, but fun
I knew we did not have the psychology in place for a bottom in 2013 and we needed to complete all the phases.
I consider the discovery and development of the POR as one of the most important achievements since it provides a stake in the ground of where we are in a bear market. When it came in April 2013 I knew we were in big trouble for a prolonged bear.
The strange thing about the oil market today is we have not yet had a POR, meaning we are early stage II with a long way to go.
Lets find the bottom of this gold market then start working on analyzing the upcoming bull