MUST WATCH…Entertaining Informative Uplifting and SHOCKING !!


1….Del Rips Anus Fauchi and New One…exposes him as the dumbest “doctor” of all time . A Covidiot’s Covidiot.

2…Dell exposes the Major Hypocracy of the Greatest Flip Flop in Human Memory. He shows clips of Gates and Cuomo and Deblasio and Newsome threatening that this is the BIG one and anyone dare not obey goes to Prison…then he shows that NOW with cases exponentially higher they are all saying time to open back the schools…kids don’t get or spread covid…But now the push back from teachers who have been told to be terrified of this thing .Now these “leaders are saying the teachers have unreasonable fear”… Effing Covidiots All of them.

3…NOW the new head of the CDC says “new” data suggests schools are the safest places to safe that teachers don’t need to be vaccinated to go back to the classroom…IF teachers dont need to be vaxxed…who does ?

“New Data?….we have posed this information here at the Tent like 6 months ago…Schools in Sweden and other places proved this…But when Trump said it on video here in JUNE…it was heresy ..Now its “Science”

4…Jeffrey Jaxon Exposes the Hypocracy and Corruption of A Cuomo and his Nursing Home Fiasco which is biting him in his sorry ass big time now…including calls for his removal for Gross neglect now even in some MSM circles…couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

5…Massive Good news from Europe…In Italy Germany and Other Countries Public Health morons are now saying it is NOT safe to give vaccines to the Elderly because of “lack of data”…ha…this is huge !
A complete flip flop…as Del Says…the truth keeps hitting these guys in the forehead and finally starts to sink in….They are going to be held responsible for Killing People !

6…Jeffrey Highlights the Europeans Top Human Rights Governing Body The Council of Europe, which represents 800 million people, coming out with this statement

The Council’s edicts are not legally binding BUT if The EU and Member States and their health departments are taken to court on this the Courts usually defer to the Council over all other considerations…so this is a Big Deal and is sending shock waves thru European Public Health Agencies


This Case from October

Has Lead to THIS result

ALL Cases against citizens initiated by Governor Witchmer are throw OUT ! Haa !


A case where a guy celebrated his birthday in his backyard with 7 people was charged…here is how the court handled it.


More to come

10….EVIDENCE is mounting that Fauci funded Scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2014 from his NIH to the tune of 3.5 Million to fund corona virus “gain of function” research …then in 2019 he sent them another 3.5 Million . This after the US Govt BANNED Gain of Function virus activities in 2014 as being too dangerous.

I predict this new investigation which seems to be leaking out into the MSM will bring Fauci to Justice…let us Prey…Ah Woman

11…Excellent discussion with Del and a World renowned Pediatrician Dr Paul Thomas…MUST see TV !

One takeway….the numbers are in….4,000 EXCESS DEATHS IN THE us IN 2020 ..BUT 400,000 COVID DEATHS ?


Springtime in Kauai

I planted a pineapple patch from the tops of pineapples that my friend grew three years ago. I believe I am going to have a wonderful crop this year. These are the more rarer white pineapple or sugarloaf variety.

The US dollar fractal and BOINK point fascinate me … USDX and gold symmetries …

The US dollar BOINK point. Great name by the way, guys. Fascinating chartology too.

Three parts: The elegant $ fractal chart / Subtle differences 1999 vs 2018 / Other symmetry of gold and dollar moves in past 20 years.

The elegant chart: Thinking again of Rambus/FGC’s charts on the dollar fractal and the bounce labelled “BOINK,” I re-jigged a chart from Rambus and included the long term falling wedge downtrend line in blue to show this.

Something that fascinates me: will the US dollar ever go below that blue line again?

The goldtadise article by FGC with the similar chart is here:


Here is that chart. I added the red line at the bottom to ask the question: is it a genuine falling wedge and if so does it have a target of 160? The fractal scenario with the half way structure would suggest a target in the 110-120 range, perhaps:

Now, the subtle differences between the two scenarios (1999 and 2018):

1. The first occasion (in 1999) the bounce was off the 11-year downtrend line.
2. The second occasion (2018) the bounce was not from the 11-year downtrend. The breakout never returned to that line. The BOINK bounce was from the larger degree 33 year downtrend line from the dollar top at 160 in 1985. Does this suggest a possible eventual  move of larger degree than the move during 1999-2001?
3. There is another subtle difference in the dollar lows in each cycle. In 1992 the low came on peak 5 and in 2008 it came on peak 3 out of the 7 labelled in each case in black and red respectively on the lower chart. On the top chart the peak numbers were 3 in 1992 and 2 in 2008. The bottom came a bit earlier in the last $ bear cycle.

Other points:

It’s been mentioned that “the time for the dollar bull has run out” (2008-2016)  – but:
1. These dollar bulls vary somewhat in duration and price magnitude.
2. The first bull on these charts was from 1992 to 2001 (9 years, not 7.5 or 8). Still, that would suggest a 2017 top this time around (2008-2017) but if it varies, maybe not.
3. The dollar bull previous to these two was from around 1979-1985 (6 years only) and was the most aggressive by far, topping at USDX 160.
4. The last dollar bear had what looks like a “genuine” re-test of the 2008 low in 2011 on the USA debt ceiling crisis, almost a double bottom. My little brain just tickles with the thought that this is somehow important. Maybe one could consider a 9-year bull market from 2011 instead, which would run to 2020 at the outside, plenty of time for a good upmove to a higher $ top.

I’m looking for measured moves on these charts and am not sure where if it all they would come from. Any ideas?

Parting thought if you got this far!

There is another piece of elegant symmetry between gold and the US dollar:

Turn of the Century/Millennium:
You can see clearly from the charts that the dollar had a good upmove from 1999-2001
Meanwhile gold already made its low in 1999 and re-tested the low in early 2001 and HELD a higher low.
Then followed the gold bull market and the $ bear market

Fast forward to 2008:
Gold had a good upmove from 2008-2011 ($1025 peak in 2008, crash to $680 and zoom up to $1920 in 2011)
Meanwhile, the US dollar had already made its low in 2008 (March, similar time to the intermediate gold high of $1025).
The US dollar re-tested its low in 2011 at the same time as gold hit its all time high of $1920 and the dollar HELD and made a higher low.
Then followed the dollar bull market and the gold bear market.

Surely both of those were gorgeous non-confirmations signalling a major change?


We have had a lower level non-confirmation since 2015.

2017 saw a higher high in the dollar compared to 2015 but not a lower low in gold since late 2015. That is perhaps something for the gold bulls to hold onto for dear life. I don’t know if this is important because we don’t have really convincing evidence of a top in the dollar yet … do we? Or a bottom in gold.