Its Time for The Tent People to learn a new TA Tool


Sir Surf and Sir Norvast are top shelf Cycles Analysts .

Surf-City Has his finger on the pulse of several different markets.

Each market has its own cadence and beat with respect to repeating Lows

Bressert Cycles is what its called

Then Sir Norvast reporting from the remote outback in Australia has found Gann and has mastered his principles

Gannn Cycles are esoteric to me but Norvast follows some weird Numerological Sh!t and other mindbending formulas

His work has been very beneficial to anyone who has taken the time to follow it . When The two different Cycles are in harmony…Your odds are very good if you pay them heed

Surf has taken to using forks to channel the trends and help determine tops…which are harder to pinpoint

I like to call his stuff …Forkcycles . 🙂

I was a big skeptic when these guys showed up here . I am BIG on Chartology …first and foremost but

These guys are good…They are also watching the chartology ,and knowing the beat of any market really helps

refine these short term trades .

So Sir Surf and Sir Norvast of Gann you have the floor

This semester at the Goldtent TA Paradise we are highlighting Cycles .