Goldtenters were amongst a very small group of Freedom Fighters ( for want of a better Title ) BACK AS FAR AS MID 2020
We were considered personas non grata in polite society because we refused to go along with the Masses . Because we questioned the Ubiquitous Authority…we were the granny killers …everybody detested us .

Not until the Truckers Freedom Convoy did we know there was any support for our Postion…Almost Everyone who KNEW the scam …remained silent in fear…Until that Flash Mob brought them out !! Even then though we were a minority

Now there are Huge Movements Poping up all over the Planet. We are 4 years out now and the backlash is finally reaching critical mass !!

Read this article and see what is going on right now in Romania…a movement aptly called

The International Crisis Summit

The article is from the great and oft overlooked Virologist Freedom Fighter Canadian Dr Byram Bridle who was cancelled early on from his Job at the Ultra Woke University of Guelph.

“I am thrilled to have been invited to speak at the International Crisis Summit, which begins in Bucharest, Romania, November 18th – 19th. In particular, I am looking forward to being able to engage in real-time in-person discussions of complex science with true experts with demonstrated integrity from around the world; and with no shaming, censorship, name-calling, or gas-lighting in any way. What a rarity these days!”

The article was presented in his substack from Peter Halligan …here is his intro

For any that doubt that the word is not getting out or think that the world is full of sheeple – “The last summit that was held received over four billion views!”
The dam is breaking – what is missing is the mechanism for prosecuting the crimes perpetrated.
You can access the mullti-day agenda here:

The majority of the human race knows that is has been wronged by a cabal made of a criminal and evil cartel. The WHO is one of the leading culprits, so are its sponsors and the US DoD. “Never again” just happened again. – how to get to Nuremburg 2.0 without even more deaths and harms? Start with exiting the UN and the WHO.

Pass it on…never relent..every chance we get we influence someone or many someones towards Holding these Murders Accountable…Onward Pilgrims