… to Sir Pedro D. I always believe in follow-through analysis. Whether yesterday’s take and today’s update goes wrong, or right eventually, who knows? But we should learn and establish new positions (whether as a trade or long term) as we learn

The other even more interesting chart is IWM, where the gap filling got aborted, but methinks this is a fake-out to the upside.

In Dow, a rounding top pattern, already down 130 or so points from intra-day high. The day and the week is still young.

The biggest move today has been the DXY. Even though Dow gave up some gains, DXY continues lower intraday.
Since I read a lot of Tweeters regularly, I’d like to give credit where credit is due. ( https://twitter.com/hajiyev_rashad )


PMs: (pinned tweet, so the guy is “pinning” his credibility on it)