Dr. Robert Malone recounts going from – in the eyes of establishment media and government – esteemed vaccine inventor to purveyor of ‘misinformation’ in a candid new book on his experience of the unfolding coronavirus crisis.

Like many of us and yourselves, Dr. Malone has had to dramatically revise past misconceptions and trust in many who have proven to not be worthy of any trust. This is a story of an honest, high-level medical and scientific professional baring his soul about the horrendous things that he previously had not the slightest idea about. If such a prominent physician/scientist can now be open to the validity of extraordinarily evil realities in the world today, and willing to endure all the ridicule that comes with that acceptance of hard truths, then it will be possible for us to also convince many others to awaken from their hypnotic state of trust in authorities who are in fact evil oppressors needing to be aggressively opposed for the good of all mankind.