While this latest takedown for gold and silver is just as frustrating and depressing(for some) as all the rest, it is actually leading to a very positive and beautiful set up. I bet you didn’t realize that even with this horrendous sell off, both gold and silver are still either up for the month of November (or will be by the actual last day, next Tues.) In an earlier post where I had given out the target of the 200 day around 25.50 for silver, which is where the rally stopped, I called for a correction from there until after Thanksgiving, with a strong end of month on Monday the 29th and Tues. the 30th. I didn’t call for the sharp pullback we got, but the support at the 50 day for silver and both the 50 and 200 day for gold, is not suprising and quite healthy. By clearing the decks, it’s onward and upward after that. A positive on the 29th and or 30th, leaving both up for the month of November, is a prelude to the roaring 2022 bull market in the precious metals and the miners. Happy Thanksgiving to all.