Thanks JenkinsLane

Over at the Chartology Forum where some bright Gold Minds hang out he posted a version of a Chart I had forgotten about..

Thanks for reminding me of this chart JL.

I produced it years ago now

I have it drawn slightly differently from your line chart

Point 2 is circled where there is a near miss which is counterbalanced

by the spike overshoot at point 3

Drawn this way we have a breakout and now waiting for Take Off

What is really most stunning is this Ratio was dropping all the way through the great 2000 to 2011

Massive Bull Run . The Place to be was Phys not PM Stocks…who knew ?

Note the Top in this Ratio was when Gold was about $400 in 1996…the year Bre-x died

In that regard you can say PM Stocks have NEVER recovered from the Bre-X Mania and Bust Era

I was there …Every tiny Rock was a 10 bagger and many many were over 100 baggers in a year or 2

Of course that all disintegrated when The Head Geologist for Bre-x Jumped out of a Plane over Borneo

Taking my huge windfall profits with him