And then, in a remarkable press conference about rising cases, New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham (democrat) explained that people who were vaccinated six or more months ago may be the ones responsible for the increasing number of cases in that state.

Think about that.

They’re blaming cases on the INJECTED now. In other words, according to Governor Grisham, it’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated any more. It’s a pandemic of the unboosted, or unboostered, or booster-deficient, or something.

You see what this means, right? The Narrative just tipped over and slid off the cake tray, splattering into a big gooey mess right next to the Thanksgiving table. It’s inedible now. They’re trying to bake up a new narrative.

But this new narrative isn’t going to work. They number of folks who’ll sign on to boosters every six months for life is extremely low. It’s laughable. Most sane folks took the shots to help out, be part of the solution, and avoid offending their friends and relatives. They weren’t looking for chronic lifelong medication that can possibly make you sick for a week at the best, or maybe give you Bells Palsy or even worse.

I took a look into the article’s comments, and it was just as I expected. The top comment said, “I nearly died with the first two shots, and now you want to finish the job with a booster. When are these folks going to be held accountable for tyranny and treason?”

Yep. It’s all tipped over now. Who’s going to clean up the mess?