“The PLA, China’s military, did file said (covid 19 vaccine) patent with Zhou’s name on it.” (on 24 Feb 2020)

KD suggests

“PS: IMHO, a good start — Revoke China’s MFN status and freeze all of the CUSIPs for US Treasuries and all US firms and other US entities owned by any Chinese national, firm or the government. Revoke all student and non-resident visas. Impose full currency, wage and environmental parity tariffs on all products and services coming from China, directly or indirectly. Contemplate derivative sanctions on nations that refuse to follow suit. Do it now and mean it. Whether this was intentional in release is no longer the gating factor; that it was intentionally concealed and the Chinese military was involved is now conclusively demonstrated by that patent filing. That’s enough, standing alone. War can be declared in multiple ways; shooting is not always involved and China has done so.”