Great Tune ( see below)…More catchy than Covid.


These Bleeding Heart Liberals have killed their golden goose and cooked it !

99% of these imbeciles are Trumpophobes and they regurgitate the MSM party line..He is a racist and mysogonist and white supremist etc ..he killed 250,000 people

They have TDS…It’s a virus ( I had it but recovered)

So they strongly support the party who has the harshest lockdown scenarios planned . F&**n morons.

Which means they are all out of work and may never work again.

They Worship at the Alter of A Fauci and villainize Scott Atlas for claiming Government cannot control a virus.

So it is Poetic Justice that they have basically killed themselves professionally….with their support of Draconian Lockdowns and BLM and the like.

Ah but here are a couple of Rockstars who have come to their senses. Van Morrison and Eric Clapton.

“Clapton slammed governments for ending live entertainment, saying the draconian lockdowns were “deeply upsetting.”