I have only been posting on the tent for the last 2-3 weeks, since the open invitation a while back. Prior to that I enjoyed reading the many posts since I am a technician, chart afficionado, and gold and silver buff. I have also enjoyed following the political discussions as well. I have chosen to not post anything political so far. This is the first time I am even getting near  the issues of the day, year, probably our lifetimes.(I am 69) The first point I would like to make is that there are NUMEROUS political  and economic agendas playing out. Regardless of anyones beliefs or inclinations, and although the virus is quite real, the way this has all played out, it is absolutely clear that it is being driven by a number of political and economic agendas. We can debate if the virus was an accident or purposely released, by either China for their domestic agendas, Hong Kong protests that wouldn’t go away, CCP need for an excuse why their economic goals where total fiction etc., or CIA to accomodate the many US agendas. The FED not QE repo BS that started last Sept. was indicative of US banking problems probably related to the eventual failure of the bullion banks precious metals suppresion efforts.  That is now playing out and about to accelerate soon. That is the main economic agenda. The main political agenda is to try and defeat the reelection efforts of Donald Trump. The fact that the Russia gate BS, and impeachment BS, failed to bring him down, the deep state machine has thrown out every weapon to try and destroy the economy and therefore his reelection chances. I ask anyone who is so inclined ( I am not but remember reading numerous news items over the last two years) to go back and research all the MS media news items about UBI, wealth inequality,great depression, most americans not having $400 in savings,etc.,etc. that were setting the stage for this whole episode long before COVID19 was ever a thing! The additional fact that I remember reading, not in MSM, that last year months before the outbreak in China, people in the military, reservists and active duty, were reporting activity setting up units at various military bases around major cities, for some type of possible martial law activity with specialized health units for quarantine facilities. I forget who to attribute the quote to but it went,…”there are no coincidences”