Is it just me or is there actually a higher level of stress among society’s participants .

ah ..maybe its just me.

I really don’t pay much attention to negative news or even “NEWS” at all

I am pretty much a “Nature Boy|”….with side interests in Gold and Professional Sports. Go Leafs Go.

I prefer the company of my Ass and his Pony much more than I do 99.99% of humans.

My favorite form of Human interaction is at the Tent and Rambus Forum.

I admit I can be defensive and combative and that has cost me some uncomfortable battles and unpleasantries with some really Seriously Unhappy and REPULSIVE People…. in my role here as moderator at Goldtent , Rambus Chartology Spock Matrix and Surf City Cycles. ( sometimes at the forums but usually via email attacks.)

Sometimes I even have considered “harassment” charges…as these seem all the rage now. Everybody and his donkey is being accused .

Maybe that is why real human interaction is on the decline

Anyhow I digress…

I have decided not to interact with these vile creatures anymore.

And one by one they have quit bugging me.I’m sure It’s no fun attacking someone who won’t engage.


So many negative human interactions between family members , neighbors and strangers alike.

Personally I am withdrawing from these negative encounters and have realized it was my participation that kept them coming and thriving.

I must say….I have “met” a LOT of good people here as well .

Thanks for participating at Goldtent TA Paradise , either by authoring posts and comments or by visiting every day to see what UP in Gold.

Its a pleasure knowing and “working” with y’all


Kiss Me