I am showing Gold’s Daily Cycle just made a lower low on day 22 at 1228. So this may just be the failed (left translated) Trading or Daily that all the Cycle analysts are looking for?

My Core positions are Spock’s Rocks plus some others which will not be sold (added to a few of these today). 😉

I have a hybrid strategy in play with both Core and Trading positions and you may recall that I took profits on my Trading positions just minutes after last weeks FMOC meeting. Trading Positions include: GDXJ, NEM, AEM, AG, NG, RIC and MUX.

This may not be the TC Low or DCL (as others call it) here but I am using today’s weakness to start buying back my Trading Shares. Remember, in Bull Markets, surprises are typically to the upside.

If 1228 gives way, however, we may test 1206 in the days ahead into a TC Low

TC Lows in Gold 23-29 days on average.