This is a reply via private email from Dan to a detractor .

(Posted without permission ) shhhh

John –

Traders study the charts. When they say “sell” – one sells. When they say “buy” – one buys.

It really is that simple.

The gold hucksters never say “sell” and always say “Buy” for the very reasons you are citing thus their groupies end up losing all of their wealth in an asset that has been in a bear market for nearly 4 years now.

This is the reason that less than 5% of people ever learn to become successful traders. They cannot leave their opinions behind and learn to understand the opinion of the markets.

Gold is simply an insurance policy. You own the physical metal as insurance against currency debasement/inflation and then you forget about it and learn to put your money to work where it can obtain the most return on invested capital.

I have never seen any group of people so OBSESSED with looking at their insurance policy day after day and hoping their house will burn down so that they can collect on the policy.

The gold cult world is a world in which people hope the system crashes so that they can watch their asset of choice/inflation policy pay off after which they can then revel in their “wealth”. I personally find the mindset of the cult offensive as I would not want to live in the world they seem to relish in wishing for nor would I want to see if for my children.

Buy the damned metal, put it away and get on with life is my advice. You will be happier and more profitable.

As for the gold cult gurus, I have nothing but contempt, disdain and disgust with that band of hucksters. Every damned one of them have never and will never tell their followers to sell the metal.

I have been at this a very long time and can well remember when gold was stuck in a 20 year bear market. The leaders of the gold cult where preaching the same crap then as they are now. They NEVER CHANGE their tune.

“can the leopard change his spots? So too can these people change their wicked ways”.

They leave a path of ruin and devastation behind them, a path of wrecked lives, broken dreams, ruined marriages and misery. That may not bother you one way or the other, but it sickens me as I have read and continue to read their emails and see their heartbreak.

So please spare me your nonchalant attitude toward their ruin.

I have no more time to respond any further this time and probably should not have taken the time to even do that having wasted more time over the last 4 years dealing with people who will never, ever sell their gold or gold stocks under any circumstances all the while they are is dropping lower and lower and lower.

“There is a time for everything under the heavens” says the writer of Ecclesiastes,. He went on to say that “there is a time to keep and a time to throw away”. Learn what this means if you want to acquire wisdom.

Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New year.