Money ?

I repeat…Is anybody making any money this year ( or last year ) in these god forsaken markets ?

Thank goodness I didn’t give up the day job


THE Gold Chart

One Chart says it ALL for Gold in USD

IF we break up thru this sharply declining wedge…we will likely get a strong move to the top of the range again

IF we break below the Bottom LINE ..Well….you know !

Rambus GLD Update

Nice Day in Gold

But just a retest so far

Party Pooper Fully



This could go on for some time !

This is the lowest Volitility Period in PM Miners perhaps EVER !

No end in sight.

No money to be made in this sector either way…as far as the eye can see.

Stalemate !


The US Dollar is very strong today in all currencies EXCEPT the Yen which is even Stronger.

Ergo the Yen is up large vs the Euro and Pound and Commodity currencies et al.

Usually a strong yen = Strong Gold

But this strange move is negating gold for now


War ?

Gas is Cooking

Be careful with UNG and derivitives it can BURN !

Bad News Bears

While we all wait for PMs to get Bully

The general markets are still going strong .


ALL Eyes on THIS !

If THIS Breaks out ?

Wither Gold ?