Palau sunset Dr No 3


I have retreated to a secluded island at an undisclosed location in the eastern pacific, near the China sea in order to insulate myself from the intense scrutiny and critical review of the militant faction of the gold bug community.  I took this picture of the setting sun last evening from my secure location and my aid snapped a photo of me entering my chambers as I arrived.  I will be spending my next few days here and it is my endever to deeply ponder the Macro state of affairs of the PM markets.  This is timely as it appears that the phase III or annilhilation leg of the gold bear market that I have called for over a year may now finally be setting up.  I felt it necessary to sever all ties with the outside world for these few days in order to allow deep thoughts to evolve and develop a overall encompasing strategy to navigate the upcoming market turbulence which lies ahead.  As a result I have put in an array of stop loss orders on my gold  and silver stock short positions which will allow me to ponder markets stress free .  I will be back with you in a few days to layout the road ahead.