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Bob Wants to be 18 again

Don’t we all !!

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I see lots of Gold Lines in the Sand all over the place

To Me this chart is pure poetry

The line in the sand is obvious on this chart

Its a range actually 1307 down to 1297


SDR: an unintended knowledge suddenly turns ‘must know ‘

“There is something more going on in this world than a monetary transformation. There is a macro transformation which begins with micro transformations within the worlds of fragmentation. This site has been very specific and purposeful with its use of the term “philosophy” in conjunction with the word “metrics”. Those who only focus on the metrics and monetary aspects will never be able to witness the full expanse of the transformation.

Keep in mind that just because you do not see it does not mean that it is not happening.

The silos of education and understanding in this world will be de-constructed and rebuilt upon a philosophical base which has its origin in the world of the ancient past. The consolidation of all things, including religion, culture, and economics, is taking place upon the altar of this new all-encompassing ideology. Those who focus on only one aspect of this vast transmutation are unable to fit the pieces together successfully.

Think of each POM post as a step towards full awareness. Though some individual post topics may seem large and consequential, each reader should attempt to place them within the larger methodology.

Posts and topics that may appear like they have nothing in common should be further reflected on and areas of subtle sameness considered. Currency and monetary matters do not exist in isolation. Nothing does. All things are interconnected and flow into one another.”

No Death but Transformation of the Dollar (FREEPOM)

Pehaps preparing mindsets to chart PM in SDR instead of $ may be a headstart of seeing how the Yuan sets out to challenge the $ which hasn’t shown how it would retaliate, compromise or retreat.

Jordan’s Take

Always worth a Listen

SDR resets soon. What would you do?

Much earlier, gold was proposed to be inside the SDR basket.

The decision was sidelined. However, SDR allocation remains backed by gold. Screenshot_2016-08-29-02-11-26

How soon will gold be the next currency inside SDR isn’t much a mystery than before Yuan is included as the process of gold Yuan fix might weigh on SDR to include gold. So how that jacks up the value of gold, the market will find its equilibrium of buying and selling to the IMF. But, if we have some idea before the market is efficient then we get to profit. However, if we have just a faint idea like me then I rather sit tighter and wait because the price has a higher chance to advance than retreat. The RBINDIA bought 200tons from IMF at about $1050 on Nov 2,2009.
What is that worth 7 years this Nov?

VIX “Always Expecting the Unexpected”…

FED hinting at possible rate hikes is making investors nervous; as a result, the VIX is starting to perk up…
Note volume on UVXY…

China’s gold reserve is an understatement.

The maths of Chinese mines produce, imported rocks from Australian mines, ingots from Switzerland/UK/HK, and recent purchase of a 2000ton gold vault in UK doesn’t tally.

If the Yuan champions the initiative to be the first gold backed currency, where does it leaves the $ when more are in favor of a gold backed currency? The US will have to show cause it has the gold that it’s supposed to own and still has. With more countries recalling theirs, this poker game seems going to end soon with those calling their bluffs must cover. Will we see the monstrosity of short covering?


Canada has NO minted gold other than those still in their rocks. Venezuela, well we know they have gotten rid most of it though not quite the way Gordon Brown did. Actually China had no gold when Mao took over because his sly predecessor secretly trans-shipped them to Taiwan via Shanghai. The RBIndia vaults it gold in few places, among which are key temples. The RBI has a scheme to lease from Indians, a scheme that any country can do likewise with unknowing success unless a regime mandates so which is implementable overnight in China. Maybe that could reason why China encourage Chinese to own gold few years back.

It is common knowledge that China had superseded all others in Treasury bonds; worrying it’s reduced worth then had some hedge-swapped to gold, ready to battle the $. Who dares, win.

Abandon Your Normalcy Bias

…because nothing is normal in today’s monetary world. Unprecedented global monetary policy plus unprecedented universal indebtedness is leading to unprecedented price action.
Dow:Gold historical study
Consider the chart above and the notes therein. Is there anything in that chart that seems illogical? Unreasonable? Is there anything in that chart that doesn’t make sense from even a cyclical perspective? I put this out there especially for those that simply roll there eyes when they hear someone talk about a $5,000 or even $10,000 gold price in the future. If you consider this chart, are those price points really that extreme? Are they perhaps a bit low? When all of the people in this world who have never even considered a gold or silver based investment, or have never even considered trading in some cash for an ounce of silver or gold, actually put their money into those things in a sheer panic, you may well be glad that you were there early, before the stampede hits.

Post Yellen = Confusion


Schism has some good charts on the XAU

I usually use the HUI or GDX to study the Chartology of the Large Cap PMs

BUT the XAU seems to have the best Chartology of all . Lets look


Wow….perfect 38.2 Fibo retrace is where we topped . Also look at what happened here in the

2001 to 2004 move >>>an 18 Month Consolidation after a 3 year move .

This time it only took 7 months to get here . This 2016 move has been EPIC

But ….I hate to speculate this…. are we starting an 18 to 24 month Consolidation here ?



Much more palatable and optimistic

Bottoms at 190 ( not 180 as in the Monthly)

and takes off again in October


A Fun Gold Channel

Gold long term channel

XAU Weekly Line

xau divergence

tsi behind price

Hey tommy I have been experimenting with your charts, that is tsi behind price at different time frames.


This is what I observe.


Can it be this easy!  The problem is I have a very small sample size and so I will have to follow this for a while and see if it works.


Nugt should be bouncing soon, target low 30’s within the next 3-4 weeks.  Price can continue lower creating more divergence.





Joe Fahmy Coming at You

Barron’s: GC to rise 25%

Watching GDX and Hui: Newmont and Barrick have more than doubled, while Goldcorp has gained 39%. “There’s a value gap that should narrow without needing the gold price to take it there,” says Tocqueville Asset Management’s Ryan McIntyre, who thinks there’s 40% upside in Goldcorp at current levels for the metal.

Elsewhere n Seeking Alfa, it was reported, spec long has increased despite recent falling price. There doesn’t make a liquidation. What’s going on? Sell down backfired?


went right up to the neckline……now what?

maybe the 30 min chart  has some clues


HUI Volitility

We have had a very Easy Ride for the first 7 months of the Baby HUI Bull

Look at what you would have had to hold on through in the first 7 months of the previous Bull run ( 2009)

and beyond


Today we are at about 7 months in to the 2016 Bull



PM – still keeping it simple here

The triangle/pennant on GOLD have morphed a little and is now more symmetrical.

Also, the CHF:USD ratio is right on the EMA30 weekly now and seems to be turning here now as I see it. And I see great potential here for reverse symmetry up. CHF:USDU looks the same.

GOLD morphed more symmSWISS USD

So, all in all, as I see it, we are still on track for the second leg up. I do not look at the present down move in the miners as a correction, to me it is just a pullback/smaller consolidation. Also, it felt more strong that it really was I think.

NYSI Daily…


System Red

My system has been out of the long trade since early August on the daily chart

showing o\b with neg diverge on the weekly with possible h\s in the works



This is still a very Bullish Chartology Set Up


Small consolidation pattern just atop a well defined larger pattern breakout

SVXY with First Red Candle…

Two weeks to transpire!
Watching SPX 2131
SPX Daily with support lines…

OK What Caused the Massive Mid Morning Reverse Reversal in the Dollar ?

Janet waxes Dovish and the dollar Tanks

Then all of a sudden a reversal

I haven’t see the Why Yet

I’m buying a drink for the first one with a probable cause


NUGT 15…

OK, I am getting more aggressive with day trading until we get more resolution.
This is what I will be eyeing on Monday.
NUGT 15 has formed a descending triangle which usually is a continuation pattern–which is down…
I do appreciate RTV’s chart earlier today, but let’s face it, the weekly is bearish per the momentum indicators.
We are trying to catch a “falling knife”, but it does keep the day interesting. Below this “line in the sand” I will be getting more aggressive with DUST. I did catch the IHS on DUST a few days ago–but now we are in a consolidation period waiting for the next move.
Just random thoughts, you guys/gals have made for a pleasant trading week. Thank you and have a great weekend.
ADDED: Bulkowski states this formation is bearish 64% of the time…so, not quite as bearish as I initially thought…

Trader Dan on Volume

Avi Gilbert calls for $1,000 Silver in 50 years!

thank you gold tenters!

i am new here,and though i have a 10 year track record,in the p.m madhouse,i feel here like a “junior miner”.going through this mini storm this week in the company of you guys,made it so much more easy to handle,with the help of your collective intelligence and shared wisdom.

we having fun yet?

right now I’m sitting on the beach with  five topless babes beside me, just trading away.  Their nickname for me is “Einstein”.  Silly girls 🙂


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