EDZ – Long Idea

Went long earlier today. Possible Wolfe Wave in play. This looks like a great risk/reward play from many technical aspects.


GG Leads

As I often see, GG tends to lead the chart pattern breakouts over the GDX. It appears to have broken down from a bearish wedge/ending diagonal as it’s final move before pullback in this exhaustion sequence.


RUT Just Hit My Target and Resistance


FOMC Day????

There are important economic releases tomorrow, namely weekly jobless claims and FOMC minutes. Market may be waiting for that before breaking one way or another.


Playing around with some pattern-matching techniques I have used in the past and have convinced myself that $BTK should move north of 3900 in the next week or so (+15%). That would surprise a few people, no?

GDX 15-Min – Diamond Top Forming?

During the last couple of weeks I showed how I thought a diamond or W bottom was forming on the GDX daily charts. Now I believe we have a diamond top forming on the intraday charts. I think this will simply signify a corrective move back to shake out some weak hands before continuing to push up towards $18.



Hey Chartology-freaks 😉

Tuning in here until Rambus-site is fixed. Here is what I see on GDX/DUST.

GDX just did a BT on the daily (see fork blue line).

I see 12.50-ish-area (DUST) as an area of confluence. Too many lines coming together there including 2 kind of fork (black+red). I will back-up the truck with DUST when it is around there and due to factor-time (maybe this Friday 10/09 but possible next Friday 10/16). Pink is a small GAP. Black-dotted lines are (all) parallel. Target GDX = around 16.80-ish which meets the 12.00-12.50 for DUST meets the 150dMA on GDX-daily.





S&P Backtest – Sold Longs

Just took hefty profits in ERX and SOXL. I think the S&P is rolling over. Should be a better entry in days to come.


Edit: As you can see, S&P and GLD broke support and are on sell near term. Waiting on GDX confirmation which should come in around $15.40.


short squeeze driving this…or have they secretly started QE4?

here is today planned trades, but I am hanging off a bit on the new miner entries. took a hit on the short exits….exited one day too late in hindsight. interestingly USD is a short….QE4?…they just have not announced it yet? either that or its the shorts that drove us up out of the pit?


XLB 60 min

BO above 43.5

next target 44.7

Dow Bearish Gartley Update

Refreshed chart from 9/28. Completely in play. Let’s see if structure becomes bearish into the shaded triangle region.


GDX W Bottom Update

Here’s update of my 9/18 post showing the W bottom. I have placed green circles where I believe we are now. Looking for a slight pullback and consolidation at current levels before moving further upwards. 1-3 day corrective period underway I suspect.



Unable to post chart

SPX broadening pattern could be in play

The short stops are at 2020

There should be enough energy at 2020 to propel it to 2100

Edit: managed to upload it. Its third party chart which could play out. Similar to Marks, but higher.

spx gartley

Spock Update – 7 Oct

Yesterday closed all shorts, now long SOXL, EDC, GDX, GDXJ, FNV, ERX and UCO. Today going long XLB, EWC, SIL, SGDM and FCX. We may get a pullback in the miners for a better long entry. But the bias is now long, until it isn’t.

Unable to post the trade bias table or any media…proxy server issues again. Its remaining problematic. IMO somebody has issues with our club, and wants to shut it down?


BPGDM at 30% a previous high.


Gold & the Dow by MA

according to his matrix, gold is to top at end of oct


2 Hour




Live with Oscar Gold

Watch from minute marker at 3 min on.


GDX Hourly: 3-Gap Play

As noted on the chart below and as a supplemental to my comments agreeing with Plunger………..odds favor lower from here….even if for just a day or two.


Also GDXJ structure is turning bearish.


GDX- Positioned for a pullback

I am somewhat neutral regarding if this has further to go upside or its a flameout right here. Can argue either side, however looks like we need to pull back right here right now. Note all of today’s price action outside the BB, plus todays candle is a hanging man. neither element “requires” an immediate pullback,however both together increases the probability. Stochastics and every other indicator are now headed up so it will require some time to convert this move into a downtrend.


On a perverse note this could be the markets way of cleaning out the shorts before its final liqudation move to the bottom of its 4+ YEAR BEAR. Also such a move would first require the bear to reload with fresh new long positions to give it the fuel for a new power downside liquidation

SPX Update…

Note the downward projection AND CONSTRICTION of 120,150,200, and 250 moving averages. This will be formidable resistance IF SPX makes it this far.

Silver Weekly


Dead hit or what ?


I like to trade the extremes and put the odds better in my favor. I feel well positioned in both my DUST and JDST entries today.


Edit: Refining the target a bit. Looking for $22.



DOWN 7% today

Stock Bulls Take Note

BTK was the leader going up



GDXJ point 5

This may be an important area here. Mark has shown it with JDST and gold stopped exactly at triangle resistance as well. I also see a bearish rising wedge on GDX and GDXJ on the 5 minute.


Interesting JDST level. Added some at $27.85. Good risk/reward setup for swing trade.


Edit: This is still bearish structure on JDST. I’m simply looking for a bounce back to around $34.


$BPGDM now @ 26.67%

it just went up from 20%

GLD at Resistance Here



Looking to sell (via DUST) the gap up open. Again, this will most likely be a very quick trade just to play the corrective move back down. Any chance to buy the GDX on a touch to 13ema on the daily will be a gift right now.


We hit my NUGT near term target posted a few days ago a couple of days sooner than expected. Still a sell target awaiting a pullback from here.


Near term NUGT structure further suggests pullback to come.


Short MOO ?