“I hope the people in the UK realise, that in just about a weeks time or so, the governments ONS data base is about to be flipped upside down. As follows: 1stly we have all been waiting for a winter of huge death tolls of the jabbed.

Well, as of next week or so, any person who has received 2 jabs (deemed to be fully vaxxed) and as we’ve been saying will soon be filling up the hospital beds, will soon be deemed (UNVAXXED) by virtue of NOT having received their booster jabs, and this means when or if they are rushed to hospital, they will be treated as an unjabbed person, and if they die, will be added as a death of an unvaxxed person.

So, as we were all expecting a winter of deaths from the vaxxed, the dirty government have found a sneaky loop hole to categorise these previously double jabbed people as UNVAXCINATED!! And the finger of blame will be firmly pointed at us, the PURE BLOODS and yet we will know the truth, that the vaccinated are dying, and NOT the unvaxxinated.
There is an upcoming twisting of data, stats and the truth.

If the double jabbed people die before they’ve had the booster, they are labelled unvaxxinated.

What an absolute GIGANTIC LIE on the British people this will be!!”