In my Nov. 8th post “Why The Delay” I outlined the reasons for taking so long and that I was leaning to his choice being Brainard. Now, I am convinced it will be her. As I said in that post there was a chance for Powell because he waited to get his infrastructure bill passed, which he did with 13 Republican votes replacing some progressive defectors. Yesterday, he said the announcement would come in 4 days which means Saturday or maybe late Friday nite. A Powell pick would be a non event for markets, it could have been done anytime. He has held off all along because they didn’t want to end the bull market in stocks but he has to finally announce his decision. On a weekend to give the markets as much time as possible to absorb it, on top of the fact that Brainard has pretty much been discounted for weeks in various hints. Gold has already sniffed this out and if it’s rally doesn’t resume this week, it should takeoff soon after the news is official. PS: Choosing Brainard should also end the rally in the USD, likely, quite violently!