Grrrr. So Dr Bitchface and Moron Horgan have had travel bans between regions for the province of BC for the last 6 weeks. They were to have been lifted today, and the moron told everyone not to make holiday plans until after the May long weekend.

So people (including myself) went ahead and made plans for June. Figuring hey, deaths are down, case count are down, for sure the restrictions will be lifted as promised May 25th.


Dr Bitchface is pissed that she didn’t get her 60% of the population with one injection, so has decided to throw her weight around and punish the whole province until she gets her way. No travel until she gets what she is demanding.

So consider this:

First it was 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Then it was “we can’t open anything because the ICU’s might get overwhelmed”. Then it was “deaths have to go down”, then when death rates dropped it was “oh we have too many cases”, then when deaths and cases dropped it’s now “you are locked down until you all get vaccinated. Period”.

I am beyond livid. If I could find a way out of this shithole dictatorship country once and for all, I’d go.

And of course this is going to serve nicely to pit vaxxed against unvaxxed. The minute I indicate to someone that I think this is beyond ridiculous, the answer will be “well if people like you would just go get your vaccine, we could be back to normal. It’s all your fault that we are locked down”

Gah. Thank goodness pot is legal in BC and I have a stash of gummies.