Is still alive in the Mini Miner Sector

This kind of action is rampant in a Down market

Every so often someone gets excited about a play and hypes it only to be joined by others and before you know it

many many folks have been pumped and dumped.

I don’t think it is initially a calculated thing but the story takes on a life of its own

THE smartest Geologist on the planet chimes in positively …Goldbugs who are staved for something to go nuckin futz jump in and then when everybody who is in …is er IN…..then we do a wil-e-coyote moment and gravity takes over.


Now if the same story gets going in a Bull market the story can carry the bugs along as the fringe hot money shows up. That’s why so many of you wont sell even with 90% losses

One never knows when gold fever will bite.

I really hope you all get rich quick with one or two of these things which have the potential to give infinite returns in relatively short time frames….Just remember to sell ….sell long before the top if necessary and don’t second guess…these things explode and ALWAYS yield to gravity and flame out ….Its the nature of the beast .