Yesterday the New York Times ran an exciting story headlined, “Argentina Elects Javier Milei in Victory for Far Right.” The sub-headline added, “Argentina’s next president is a libertarian economist whose brash style and embrace of conspiracy theories has parallels with those of Donald J. Trump.”

Outspoken conservative libertarian and economist Javier Milei, 53, ran on an anti-socialism, anti-marxism, pro-free-market platform in Argentina and conclusively won last night, getting a whopping 58% of the popular vote, amidst the country’s severe economic crisis and +140% hyperinflation. “Today, the reconstruction of Argentina begins,” Milei said to a standing ovation as he celebrated the victory with supporters. “It’s the end of Argentine decadence,” he added, and called yesterday’s results a “miracle.”

Corporate media’s headline writers were completely discombobulated and could not agree on what obnoxious political label to stick on Argentina’s new president. The Wall Street Journal’s headline called him an “anarcho-capitalist,” whatever that is. NPR called him a “radical libertarian populist.” The Washington Post called him a “Trump-like libertarian.” CNN called him a “far-right outsider.”

I’d call him a free-market conservative, but decide for yourself. Candidate Milei pledged to: slash spending and taxes, close Argentina’s central bank, and replace the nation’s faltering currency with the more stable U.S. dollar. He proposed to ban abortion, loosen gun laws, and only ally with countries that will “fight against socialism,” frequently naming the United States and Israel as examples. Milei has called “scientific consensus” on climate change a “socialist plot,” and he often argues that Argentina is controlled by an elitist cabal. And like a lot of other intelligent people, Milei openly questioned the results of the 2020 U.S. election, and 2022 Brazilian election.

All of which badly triggered the New York Times and corporate media.

You might remember Mr. Milei; I’ve previously linked some of his fiery anti-marxist speeches. His victory last night was also a solid counter-revolutionary victory, and it was an encouraging sign that the globalists don’t yet control everything. The New York Times even agreed with me:

Mr. Milei’s election is a victory for the global far-right movement that gained strength with the election of Mr. Trump and similar politicians, among them Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, though it has faltered in recent years with electoral losses. Mr. Bolsonaro and Spain’s far-right Vox party have cheered on Mr. Milei; the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson traveled to Argentina to interview him; and the billionaire Elon Musk on Sunday said after Mr. Milei’s victory that “prosperity is ahead for Argentina.”
Progress! Stay optimistic.