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We’ve learned a little more about Nancy Pelosi’s rogue trip to Taiwan last week, that caused so many people to be so impressed with her bravery and selflessness in “supporting” the people of Taiwan, only to walk it all back this week by publicly announcing she’s supporting the CCP.

Now remember, the military assets and security for that trip probably cost billions. Now add the risk of even accidentally starting World War III. It would be beyond shameful if the real reason she went was to tend to some private business, right?

Paul Pelosi, Jr., is Nancy Pelosi’s adult son. Paul is the second largest investor in a Chinese telecommunications company, Borqs Technologies. Paul earned his significant stake in the business — second only to Borqs’ CEO — through “consulting,” or by serving on the board — not by actually paying for any of the shares. Pay? Me? What nonsense.


Which was especially weird because Paul was missing from the official passenger manifest. People had to connect the dots by noticing Paul Jr. in the background of pictures from the trip:

When asked about it, Nancy explained that since her husband couldn’t go, her 53-year-old son escorted her instead, just to keep her company. Into a war zone. On official business.

The New York Post ran a story about the trip yesterday headlined, “Nancy Pelosi’s Son, Who Tagged Along on Taiwan Trip, Is Investor in Chinese Tech Firm: Report.”

Borqs’ stock price was just under $13 a share as recently in October. Since then it has trended down to its current inglorious level of $1.37. I think I know at least part of the reason the stock is scraping the bottom of the barrel. THE COMPANY IS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR FRAUD. I know, right? Who could’ve predicted that? Last week, some reports even say its senior financial officer was arrested by the CCP. (I can’t confirm that.)

Paul Jr. currently holds 700,000 shares of Borqs,* but he was given 1,000,000 shares for his “services.” He sold 300,000 shares at the company’s initial public offering at a starting price of $157 per share. In other words, he made $47 million dollars on the shares he never paid for, right out of the gate. Nice bonus.

(* Different reliable sources cited either 700,000 or 147,000, and Pelosi’s office says it’s only 43,000.)

Oddly, U.S. corporate media is pushing the floundering stock. Remember, it’s sitting right at a buck-thirty-seven and has been under $2 for over a month. But check out this article from last week:

Is ANYTHING true these days?

So that’s the Borqs thing. But what’s it got to do with Taiwan? First, Pelosi didn’t ONLY go to Taiwan. She made several stops in Asia. Second, since the pandemic, Paul Jr. has managed to land himself some more sweet board gigs, most recently with two lithium processors, for which he also got an ownership stake in each. Guess where they’re located? Yep, Taiwan.

Lithium is the essential ingredient in electric car batteries. You know, like the kind the new Build Back Better 2.0 bill subsidizes by +$7,500 per new electric car. People aren’t dumb. News of Paul Pelosi being in Taiwan with Nancy spiked the stock in both his lithium companies:

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August 9th 2022

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Paul didn’t STAY in the background. Other photos showed Paul Jr. participating in meetings with South East Asian leaders.

There’s a lot more to this sordid tale, but you get the idea. Apparently people who follow Pelosi have a wild conspiracy theory that Nancy uses her son as bagman or something. That seems like a stretch, right?