covid vaccines were sold to us as societal duty. get the jab, stop the spread. become a dead end for the virus. despite the truly astonishing amount of whitewashing, gaslighting, and outright obfuscation on this, that’s a simple, clear truth.

it happened. we have the receipts.

this was, in fact, the underpinning for the idea of mandates. “it’s not about you, it’s about all of us!” the argument was simple: your vaxx status affects me. if you carry the virus, even if my vaccine is 90 or 97% effective, you put me at risk. you put others at risk. you put kids at risk, jeopardize the old and infirm who cannot vaxx, etc.

thus, it is your social duty to do this and our duty to make you by excluding you from society if you will not. and so began a campaign of vilification and othering the likes of which has not been seen since the 1930’s and 40’s in europe or in the stalinist or maoist revolutions.

but a funny thing happened: the basic data underpinning here was totally, completely wrong. we’ve known this for 6 months. these vaccines are non-sterilizing. they do not stop infection, carriage, or transmission. they do not even reduce viral load.

this has led to clear, consistent data coming out of the countries that report it honestly: the vaccinated are getting quite a lot more covid per capita than the unvaccinated.