From The Cat Man : He is RIGHT ! This was NOT “Their” Fault …It was OURS ( Collectively )

“first a trickle, then a torrent, then a flood.

the media is finally cottoning on to the fact that covid is over and probably never should have happened.

these public pontification inflection points happen FAST because the nature of media is not to lead nor even to inform: it’s to follow.

and suddenly, it’s OK to say it’s over. it’s OK to say that people want their lives back.

media, now more so than ever, exists to mirror and to pander, to suss out the zeitgeist and to echo back what will be popular. this is selected for with the ruthless A/B testing of “what are people clicking on?” the media has no idea what “the news” is until you tell them. it’s editorial slant has become a polling mechanism, not a data source.”

these people did not lead us, we led them.

think back carefully. BOJO and donald and fauci and cuomo and dozens of others ALL started on team “let’s handle this like we always did.” every one of them. all looked, for a moment, like they were going to stand strong. media was largely in line with them. then it turned, then they turned. all crumbled in a cavalcade of cowardice and adopted the single most harmful set of public policy per unit time in the peacetime history of the human race.

WOW…I don’t know who this Cat man really IS …but he is Brilliant . One to watch and One to Listen to IMO.