A brief synopsis of his talk.

It’s WWW3.  The propaganda is coming at us 24/7.  Cancel and censorship no matter how crazy their narrative is.

It’s coming to a head very soon.  They can not afford to lose as they know the consequences.  Neither can we.

Since it’s never been about health, it’s the ID Card that will control those who survive the culling.  Enslavement.

Mark is from the old Centre-Left.  Still is and does not identify with the woke, CRT, SJW Covidians.  Like Del Bigtree and Kunstler.

An interesting interchange between myself and ten 40 somethings from Ontario who flew out for a week to ski real powder.

I was blowing the snow in the drive and stopped while they passed.  I said too bad there is mild weather like Ontario coming for a few days to spoil their trip.   They said the this is their first ski trip since the Covid BS and not letting that interfere with their vacation.  That’s right they called it the Covid BS.

All were fully shotted to fly here.  Didn’t have to ask. They only complied to travel and not lose their privileges.  They referred to that.

They were very expressive and said they are done with Covid. None of them were afraid of catching Covid.  Just getting a negative test to travel.  None of them have protested yet but they will if this goes beyond Omicron.  They knew it was about a Card.

Reassuring!  The Narrative has truly lost the centre.

Watch the Punishment increase upon the Vaccine Free over the next few weeks.  It’s desperation.  They do polling and know they are losing.  They need to spew more hate against the unclean (divide families and friends more) and show the Centre what happens if they do not comply.

The BC vaccination progress site has not been updated for a week.  The booster shot was up to 20% at that time.  Behind the speed of the initial rollout.  Omicron and the failing narrative has lessened the chance that they will reach 80% coverage again.

The narrative has also told us that the 2 shot series wears off after 6 months.  They join the unclean. They are caught between two bad outcomes if you know what I mean.

Try to mandate the third shot and all hell breaks loose.  Polling likely tells them that will happen.

If you have the time, here it is.

Mark Crispin Miller: How to Identify, Understand and Dissect COVID Propaganda