This may be Canada’s costliest natural disaster.

A complete shutdown of all transportation systems from the Port of Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

All rail lines to Eastern Canada are cut off.  No Containers will get through unless they are re-routed through the US.

Regular gas is disappearing at the pumps.  Food stores are being systematically cleared out.

We lost a huge portion of BC’s Dairy, egg, poultry and other food production.  All will take time to clear the flood waters.

The mighty Fraser River has overflown the dikes and Sumas Lake is reforming 3 m deep over the Sumas Prairie.

If Dr Bonnie and Dixhead do not back off on their illogical mandates, we will take even longer to rebuild.   The population of the 40% may wake up in BC.  We are extremely short of experienced personnel who are no longer allowed to be productive members of society.