COVID vaccines have become the touchpoint of a significant social battle, with unvaccinated Americans – mostly working-class people and minorities – forced out of work and to the edge of society by vaccine mandates. Given what we have learned about the epidemiological effects of the vaccines over the past year, the mandates have no scientific justification.

“The evidence to date shows conclusively that the covid vaccines – even six months after full vaccination – protect well against severe covid disease, including hospitalization and death. Despite this fact, surprisingly, four lines of scientific evidence imply that not everyone needs to be vaccinated. ”

“It is an odd reality about vaccine mandates that they aim to increase vaccination among working-age adults and even children, including those with natural immunity, rather than the high-risk elderly. The well of public trust in public health is finite, and to waste it on a policy that seeks to increase vaccination rates in a lower risk population makes little sense. “