• The AFL-CIO, United Food and Commercial Workers, and Service Employees International unions challenged the Biden administration’s business vaccine mandate in federal appeals courts last week.
  • While they support the vaccine and testing requirements, the unions want the mandates to cover as many businesses as possible, not just those with 100 or more employees.
  • As unions are trying to get the mandates expanded, Republican attorneys general are trying to get them overturned.

“The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the AFL-CIO asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia last week to review the requirements. The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of trade unions in the U.S., and the UFCW is the largest meatpacking and food processing union.

While the unions did not provide arguments in their petition, a spokesman for the food workers union told CNBC the group wants the mandates expanded to cover as many businesses as possible. The union also wants the new Labor Department rule to ensure employees don’t have to cover the costs of Covid testing and face masks. The Biden mandates don’t force companies to cover those costs.”