So: we don’t have television and even if we did I wouldn’t watch main stream news because I literally cannot stand to see the faces of certain Canadian politicians and public health persons. I am just off the phone with a long-time friend from the Toronto area, who said she saw Dr Bitchface on television today.

We have insufficient workers to re-build our washed-out highways because she fired those who refused her poison shots. We have closed diagnostic departments at Royal Inland hospital in Kamloops because she said that health care workers who refuse the shot don’t belong in health care. Adrian Dixhead says that people from the Interior have to go to Vancouver for their tests, but now they cannot get there.

People have lost their homes, have nowhere to go, and we have inadequate crews to assess and re-build. And in the face of all this, I was just informed that this heartless bitch had the gall to go on national TV and say something to the effect that “we cannot possibly have the vaccinated people, who did the right thing, sheltered in the same place as those unvaccinated people”

She makes me sick. I hope others saw this despicable performance and are furious.