This is not news to this group.

These folks were fully jabbed by March 2021 and most of their health care workers.  It was relatively quiet regarding Covid until Aug.  Now across the country there are outbreaks and the deaths are pilling up.  Over 90% of the residents and possibly 100% of the staff are fully jabbed.  With some of the most stringent PPE measures.

Right on the 5-6 month time period after their series of shots and boom,  they are dropping off.  Once it starts (sharing the same ventilation) Covid Breakthrough cases will overwhelm these homes.  A new crop of decrepit residents every year to succumb to the ravages of Covid/Flu, etc.  Has their immune system been damaged by the shots.

My 95 yo father died at his Independent Living Home this Summer (not Covid, died in his sleep).   I met many of the residents when I was able to visit.   Everyone was on more than three meds.  All his acquaintances were 85+.  Everyone there was older than their best before date.  A recipe for a bad outcome.   This will likely drive the PHO to place new Winter restrictions even though these centres are contained and should be the ones locked down as there are vulnerable.

I can see this coming across the country.  This is where we should have learned from last year.

If it is true that after 6 months the shots are not only useless for protection but have damaged the immune system we should see another wave in the general population in Canada starting in Dec 2021.  Enjoy the next two months of relative freedom., whoever that looks like.

On another note, I am hearing about people st0cking up on non-perishable foods for the Winter.  Word is getting out that supply lines may be affected.