Yesterday, Plunger posted about “Pathetic Bear Market Action” and the two ETF’s he featured do have rather pathetic charts. No argument there. Today I would like to feature the weekly silver chart, copied from “Jesse’s Amercain Cafe”. It shows what I have recently been posting regarding silver. This is a pennant or flag which is a continuation pattern for the ongoing bull market in silver.(At least so far) I spelled out the other day the clear price points that would change me from bull to bear. I also gave my preferred timeline and expectation that the consolidation will probably last longer than I expect. We will probably know sooner rather than later if a breakdown is the likely outcome. The chart allows for more time for the pattern to get narrower if it stays in it’s range which would be leaning to a bullish breakout but would more likely take additional time.  We watch and we wait, for now.