16 years ago “Mommy” a feral cat who had been hanging around all winter outside our back door with a “friend” we named TonTon…came knocking at the door

She had never been friendly but she wanted in .

We brought her in and in 5 minutes we had 5 baby boys in our living room.

We gave her the spare room and she nursed these guys incredibly well for over a month

Then one day she just bolted back thru an open window…She hung around but not too close for a while until hit by a car.

The Old Tom Tonton came in and live with 3 of his boys for a while .

We kept 3 and they have been with us all this time.

Caesar had to be put down last year .

Today it was devastating to have to let Brutus go ..It’s always devastating for me . I can’t stop crying .

I still have Cicero sitting right beside me here..

I have become more and more a recluse…almost a hermit

I much prefer the company of Critters to People …I relate much better to my Donkey than I do to most
Humans .

And for some reason my Parrot…Capone.. has learned a new phrase lately..He keeps repeating

..sounds like

“Phucking Idjots ” “Phucking Idjots”…wonder where he got that from ?

Goodbye Burtus …I helped you come and now I helped you go…the cycle of life is bitter sweet .

…You were a great friend my Tuss!

Fully Sad